Iliff Technology Requirements and Recommendations

General Requirements
Operating System
Windows Vista or higher (XP is NOT supported), MacOS v10.4 (Tiger) or higher, Linux 2.6
1GB minimum, 2GB or higher is preferred.
Internet Connection
high speed (at least 512 kbps) connection required
Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox 3.x or higher (preferred) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or higher. Safari might not provide full functionality.  Google Chrome does not work with the moodle rich-text editor, so is not recommended. Your browser needs to be able to view flash video format.

Requirements for Online Students
Webcam Any laptop built-in webcam should work. An external webcam should be 640x480 resolution, however 1.3MP is better.  Here are webcams available at,, and  Note: some webcams include separate microphone headsets.
Headphone/Microphone Headset A headset is highly recommended, especially if using a built-in webcam.  Some of the nicer external webcams have decent mics, but still pick up ambient noise.  Here are headsets available at and

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